((More pictures from today!))

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All ready for my debut!

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Here’s a list of Old Hollywood Roleplayers


If you’re not here, please feel free to add yourself :) This can include actors/actresses, singers, characters, or OCs BASED in that time period

Remember when I told you guys about the OH roleplayers? MORE HAVE JOINED US. :D If 

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((I just sold this particular box, but I am taking commissions. If you’re interested [and would like to help out a starving artist] just hit me up in my ask box and we can talk prices. They don’t have to be boxes! They can easily be plaques or anything!))

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I was just offered to dress as Chaplin and pose and take pictures with people at a centennial celebration in my city! :D

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((Finished it. If someone is interested feel free to message me about a price. I also do commissions.))

Taking commissions!

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Just Call Me Charlie

I don’t know if you guys have seen this, but a lot of people from the classic film communities are making roleplay blogs! :D Here’s a Charlie Chaplin one (run by yours truly) and the people behind them love interacting with fans, and also, feel free to make one for your favorite classic film star yourself!

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Summer Under The Stars Schedule - 2014


  • August 1 - Jane Fonda
  • August 2 - David Niven
  • August 3 - Walter Pidgeon
  • August 4 - Judy Garland
  • August 5 - Barbara Stanwyck
  • August 6 - Paul Muni
  • August 7 - James Stewart
  • August 8 - Jeanne Moreau
  • August 9 - William Powell
  • August 10 - Carole Lombard
  • August 11 - Marlon Brando
  • August 12 -…

TCM threw Chaplin a bone - August 14th - not cool at all. To not acknowledge his Centennial or even his 125th Birthday is unacceptable to me.  One of the Artists who was truly the foundation of Hollywood.

TCM seems to think Hollywood started in the 1930’s and not the late 1890’s/ early 1900’s.

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Summer Under The Stars Schedule - 2014

Make sure to tune in to catch your favorite (or perhaps not the favorite) in this year’s SUTS!

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